Sam Frost Is Expecting A Bébé With Her Fiancé Jordie Hansen & The Couple Announced It Via Song

Sam Frost and Jordie Hensen in beanies and jackets snowing with Frost's pregnancy announcement screenshotted

Hearty congratulations are in order for Sam Frost, who’s announced she’s pregnant.

Frost and her fiancé Jordie Hansen shared the news on Instagram on Sunday night, alongside a photo of them smooching in bed and holding up an ultrasound piccie.

“There is a tiny human coming soon… everyone act surprised when he inevitably inherits his parents odd sense of humour,” the post read.

“We don’t take ourselves or life too seriously, and we’re hoping to teach our tiny one the same values we share… the importance of being unapologetically yourself, always finding the fun and humour in all the small things, and that being kind, loving and empathetic is a superpower.”

Sounds quite cute, if you ask me.

The announcement was also accompanied by a folk song and you know what? It was fun and a little bit quirky. It was giving ‘Skinny Love‘ by Bon Iver, except it was about Sam Frost being pregnant and not the sorrowful decline of a romantic relationship.

“When’s it lunch time? I am starving,” Frost sang.

“He said ‘babe, it’s only 9 o’clock,’ so I said ‘fine, I’m going back to sleep’.

“He says ‘all you do is eat and sleep,’ I said ‘that’s not true, I throw up too’.”

Hansen then started whistling, which I thought was a nice touch TBH.

“One of us is growing a baby — and it’s not you,” Frost continued.

Hansen delivered the iconic final lyric: “I said ‘I think I’d know, I was there’.”

The bloke’s also got a set of pipes on him, with a bit of a husky indie situation going on.

Frost and Hansen started dating in early 2022 but hard-launched their relationship in April, after they both shared videos taken during a road trip along NSW’s south coast.

The couple confirmed their engagement in July, after Hansen proposed to Frost while they were holidaying at Coober Pedy in South Australia.