Sam Frost Says Her Home & Away Character Will Be Written Out Of The Show Until She’s Vaxxed

sam frost home and away

Sam Frost has revealed that her Home and Away character will be temporarily written out of the show until she gets vaccinated, just days after Channel Seven executive sent out a company-wide email regarding mandatory vaccines.

In a statement shared on Frost’s previously nuked Instagram, via SoDramatic, the actress clarified that she’s not leaving Home and Away but will be away from the set until she gets fully vaccinated in mid-late February.

“I’m not leaving Home and Away,” she said.

“I’ve got a medical procedure booked in for January. So I won’t be fully vaxxed until mid-late February.

Side note: it’s worth mentioning here that while she may have a medical procedure booked in for January, COVID-19 vaccinations have been available to people aged 18 and above since August.

“I will be written out temporarily, Jazzy is going on an off-screen adventure for a few weeks… but I’ll be back.

“My bosses are amazing, we’ve been in open communication for months. Very grateful we were able to make a plan that works for everyone.”

Last Friday, the Director of Production at Seven West Media, Andrew Backwell, sent an email to all staff informing them the network “will only engage fully vaccinated presenters, cast and crew.” From January 10th, all staff at Seven productions, including the stars of its shows, would need to be fully vaccinated.

Coincidence? I’ll let you decide.

In case you missed it, back in early October, the former Bachelorette star nuked her socials after outing herself as someone who didn’t want to get vaccinated.

At the time, Seven released a statement via Daily Mail Australia which said that “Seven strongly encourages vaccination for all our people and all Seven productions strictly adhere to the public health Covid-19 safe protocols.” They also claimed that Home and Away cast and crew, including Sam Frost, undertake COVID-19 tests three times a week, and maintain “other preventative safety measures”.

Three weeks later, Frost posted then quickly deleted a follow-up where she claimed that she was being treated as “less than human” for her decision, and compared the experience of being anti-vax to “segregation”. Yep, she went there alright.

After that post was shared, Matt Agnew, fellow ex-Bachie star and local astrologist, kindly debunked her claims with the most polite take-down ever.