The media business is a fickle beast, my friends. Why I can barely count the amount of colleagues of mine who first appeared as a contestant on ‘The Bachelor‘ before helming their own season of ‘The Bachelorette‘, who then went on to host a commercial radio breakfast show before getting axed and making their way on to starring in ‘Home & Away.

It’s just the nature of this whacky industry, I tells ya!
Sam Frost is the latest of a long line of media personalities to follow such a path, with Channel 7 announcing this morning that the career chameleon’s next move is back to ya telly, but this time for some ACTING, on known thespian playground ‘Home & Away‘. 
Speaking of the trés excité news, Frosty talked about how this (newish) life-long dream came to fruition:

“Home and Away is a show I grew up watching with my family. To become part of this iconic television show is a real honour, I can’t wait to start shooting.”

Sam’s first scenes in Summer Bay will premiere later this year, but you’ll be able to catch her mug elsewhere on Channel 7 before-hand, with the media-traversor also set to cook some soufflé (or whatever) on the revamped Hell’s Kitchen’.

Oh and also she’s dating someone new whose name is David Bashford, if you’re into that kind of shiz. He looks like this:
Via Instagram/Dave_Bash.
Righto then.

Image: Instagram / Sam Frost.