Sally Fitzgibbons Is The 2012 Bachelorette Of The Year!

Pedestrian is thrilled to announce Sally Fitzgibbons as the 2012 Bachelorette of the Year. The champion surfer has been slaying the competition ever since she shot up the ASP ladder as a teenager and her determination, positive attitude and incredible hard work has landed her at the Number 2 position on the World ladder.

It’s not just Sally’s quantifiable achievements that made her such an appealing Bachelorette of the Year nominee, it’s the way in which she goes about her profession and approaches her challenges with such poise and down-to-earth humility that makes her an inspiration to us all.

Ultimately, Sally stood out from the amazingly accomplished and talented field of fabulous single women because she’s the perfect example of what an all rounder really is: an incredibly motivated and hardworking woman whose achievements speak for themselves, carrying it all off without ever losing her laidback sense of humour, generous nature and positivity.

Sally managed to edge out the rest of the competition this year, but we would like to pass a huge congratulations to the runners up: The first runner up is the awesome Maude Garrett whose sense of humour and endless quest to take the piss out of herself charms the pants off everyone. Speaking of which, gents, she is currently single.

The second runner up is the talented and hilarious Mel Buttle, whose unique brand of true-story comedy is both laugh out loud funny and tragic, the balance all great comedy requires. The judging panel unanimously agreed that Mel’s Bachelorette Of The Year profile was an delight.

The winner of the Bed Head Reader’s Choice Award is Dayna Warren. As accomplished as she is laidback, Dayna is the entrepreneur behind Just Bean Made her own company that prepares and packages fresh and healthy home-style baked beans. She’s a champ.

Congratulations again to Sally and to all the amazing Bachelorette who generously took part, and the fine folks at Upstairs Beresford for hosting an amazing celebration.