Saintly Blogger Offers Young Lesbian A Prom

Regular internet users know that there are three things you should never reveal online: your phone number, your address, and what you’re really wearing; And yet Daniel Saynt from website Fashion Indie did just that because he was so moved by the plight of Mississippi lesbian school girl Constance McMillen – who famously sued her school district for rights violation last month when it cancelled its prom rather than let her attend with her girlfriend.

Today Daniel posted the following message:

Constance McMillen PLEASE CALL ME!!!! 646-715-4551

“Trying to get in contact with Constance McMillen, the amazingly brave girl from Mississippi who got totally cheated out of having a prom by her homophobic school. We’re hosting a Fashion Prom on May 8th with the folks at and really want her to be our guest of honor. We’d fly her and her girlfriend out, take care of air and hotel and give her an amazing prom experience with 1200 celebrities, designers and models. I really am touched by her story and want to show her that there are people out there who really care about her and want her to experience what a prom is all about. Please have her contact me, Daniel Saynt, directly at 646-715-4551.”

Daniel Saynt? More like Daniel SAINT.

If you know Constance McMillen please forward on the message and get this gal to the prom already.

And even though you now have the number of a complete stranger, please resist the urge to do this:

Title Image by Kevin Winter via Getty