Casetify And Sailor Moon Have Collab’d On A Bunch Of Phone Cases & Dibs On The Sailor Venus One

Toei Animation/Casetify
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When I was a wee tot, much of my childhood was very much consumed by watching magical girl animes, such as Mew Mew Power and of course, Sailor Moon. I would often press my little baby peepers against the TV screen and shout out at the top of my lungs, “In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you.” Honestly, I still do sometimes.

Lately, it seems like Sailor Moon’s been going through a bit of renaissance, with popular brands such as Vans announcing a shoe collaboration just the other week. And now, it looks like Casetify’s joining them in Nostalgia Lane with a full collection of Pretty Guardian phone cases and goodies.

If you want to know more about the Casetify x Sailor Moon collab, including how you can score yourself a kawaii AF phone case, then by all means read on.

What can we expect from the Sailor Moon x Casetify collab?

Sailor Moon x Casetify collab
Image: Casetify

We all know Casetify is well-known for teaming up with many popular franchises and influencers, offering limited edition phone cases and accessories for Harry Potter, Star Wars and Pokémon fans alike.

But this is the brand’s first-ever Sailor Moon collab, promising an adorable selection of accessories featuring the iconic anime girl squad that you can take with you anywhere. Whether it’s on your way to work or to kick some alien buttocks, at least your phone will look super pretty while doing it.

Among the collection, you can choose from a bunch of phone cases that each feature one of the original five Sailor Guardians, along with their signature catchphrases: Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars and of course, Sailor Moon herself.

A pastel girl squad dream. Image: Casetify

Seeing as this collection is all about “the strong bonds of friendship”, we think you ought to round up your own Sailor Senshi and assign help them pick a case that matches each of their diverse personalities.

From the looks of it, each case is made from recycled materials and is available for those who own a recent iPhone, Samsung or Google smartphone model.

You’ll also be able to pick up a Sailor Moon-themed AirPods case in the shape of Usagi’s black cat, Luna, as well as a water bottle, Nintendo Switch case, Apple Watch band and more.

When and where can I grab mine!?

Image: Casetify

The Sailor Moon collection is live now.

Explore the full collection here.