Sabrina Carpenter Regrets Not Warning Barry Keoghan About *That* Saltburn-Inspired Lyric

We’re in the midst of a Sabrina Carpenter ascendance (maybe thanks to Spotify?), and she’s yet again captured our attention with some juicy deets about Barry Keoghan

The singer, whose infinitely meme-able single “Espresso” has been inescapable for most of this year, revealed a tasty lil tidbit about her boyfriend during an interview with Vanity Fair published on Thursday. 

While she remained tight-lipped about the details of their romance — all we’ve really gotten is a Met Gala appearance and the “Please Please Please” music video  — Carpenter did mention the Saltburn star towards the end of the profile.

It was in reference to Carpenter’s song “Nonsense”, which appears on her 2022 album emails i can’t send. In what is now one of her signatures, Carpenter has consistently changed the lyrics of the track’s outro during live performances, with one of these switch-ups causing much buzz back in April. 

While performing at Coachella, Carpenter referenced both Keoghan and *that* Saltburn scene (you know the one), singing: “Made his knees so weak, he had to spread mine / He’s drinkin’ my bathwater like it’s red wine.” Sabrina, girl, maybe just stick to drinking espresso. 

When asked by Vanity Fair whether she had warned Keoghan of the outro, Carpenter said: “Oh gosh, no.”

The admission is especially juicy given that the actor was spotted in the crowd of Carpenter’s Coachella set, likely sporting a look of shock similar to what we all felt for the majority of Saltburn. 

As for whether she regrets not warning Keoghan, Carpenter said: “Maybe I should do that [next time], I guess it’s a little late now.” 

A “little late” for the singer who is now famous for “working laaaate”? Interesting. 

In any case, I guess a cheeky outro is nothing for a duo who’ve just this month been subject to PR couple accusations and shady Instagram likes by an ex. That’s just that them espresso.

Image source: Kevin Mazur/MG24/Getty Images.