Sabrina Carpenter’s Famous Aunt Is The Voice Of Bart Simpson And I’m Defs Having A Cow, Man!

Sabrina Carpenter and Bart Simpson from The Simpsons

Is Sabrina Carpenter ~kind of~ a nepo baby? The internet has lost its mind after finding out the “Please Please Please” singer’s aunt is a bit of a star herself – she voices Bart Simpson on The Simpsons

Nancy Cartwright, who has voiced the lil skateboarding deviant for over 35 years, recently confirmed this totally *cowabunga* fact on TikTok. 

Replying to a fan who asked if Sabrina was her niece, Nancy said: “Yeah, absolutely!”

“Isn’t that amazing, when you find out that somebody – maybe you’ve known me for a little while doing this little 10-year-old boy for like 35 some years, and some of you guys for like way less than that, find out that I’m related to this like superstar.”

She said her niece was “pretty amazing”, which I wholeheartedly agree with! 

This isn’t the first time she’s fangirled over her niece, previously opening up to Capital FM about how special the pint-sized pop star is. 

“She did it, she made it on her own. I have no doubt in my mind, at some point, and Sabrina Carpenter – maybe I’ll be the first to say this – she will be [an EGOT winner]. Emmy, Oscar, Tony and Grammy. I am not kidding, she is that talented,” she said. 

Sabrina Carpenter performing Espresso at Coachella

Sabrina Carpenter’s star is on the rise (as it should be!). (Image: Getty)

Sabrina has also shared the fact previously, so she isn’t trying to hide their relationship from the public eye.

In an interview with Capital FM, presenter Roman Kemp couldn’t wait to hit Sabrina with the pub trivia-esque fact. 

“Now, I am actually in love with one of your family members. Now correct me if I’m wrong, because when I first heard this, I couldn’t believe it, but your aunt is the voice of Bart Simpson?” he asked. 

“Yes, a very niche fun fact. It’s pretty wild isn’t it? Runs in the family, I guess,” Sabrina replied. 

The presenter then revealed he had a Bart Simpson tattoo on his leg, saying: “Bart Simpson is what I grew up, that’s the legend. Your aunt is Nancy Cartwright, that is unreal.”

“I will say that my whole life that [my aunt playing Bart] was just the coolest thing in the world to me. I wasn’t even allowed to watch the show until I was a little bit older, but the woman is a woman of many talents, not just Bart, she always blows me away,” Sabrina added. 

Could Sabrina Carpenter have a cameo on The Simpsons?

When the Capital FM hosts asked if Sabrina would consider doing a cameo on The Simpsons, she said she’d “make a call”. 

“It never crossed my mind until right this second but yeah, I will make a call after this. That would be so cool! I’ve done a bit of voice work over the years, nothing even close to that, but I mean, it’s one of my favourite things in the world,” she said. 

The real-life Polly Pocket doll has had plenty of experience voicing characters on shows like Phineas and Ferb, Wander Over Yonder, Sofia the First and Milo Murphy’s Law

Can’t wait to see Sab’s teeny-tiny skirts and corsets make an iconic appearance on The Simpsons!

Feature Image: Getty & Fox