A Sabrina Carpenter 2024 Australia Tour Is All-But Confirmed So Please Please Please Prove Us Right

News of a potential Sabrina Carpenter Australia tour has been percolating ever since the pop star and noted espresso-drinker announced her new album, Short n’ Sweet.

Carpenter has been enjoying a wave of caffeine-induced buzz this year, following the release of her smash hit singles “Espresso” and “Please Please Please”, her viral sets at Coachella, and her burgeoning romance with Saltburn star and bathwater advocate, Barry Keoghan

All of it has contributed to what feels like a breakout moment for Carpenter, which makes sense for someone who’s continually workin’ late (‘cuz she’s a singerrrr).

Serving Polly Pocket realness as per usual. (Source: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images for Coachella).

To top it all off, the the life-sized incarnation of Polly Pocket is set to capitalise on the success with a string of upcoming projects, including an album and a potential Short n’ Sweet Australia tour.

Here’s what we know about the Sabrina Carpenter Australia tour.    

Is Sabrina Carpenter going on a Short n’ Sweet tour?

A few weeks after announcing her upcoming album, Sabrina Carpenter shared news of the namesake Short n’ Sweet tour, but she’s only revealed dates for North America (at least so far).

That jaunt will run for three months, kicking off in Columbus, Ohio and including Carpenter’s first-ever headlining sets at venues like Madison Square Garden in New York (icon behaviour). 

While the North American leg of the Short n’ Sweet tour will wrap up on November 15, that doesn’t mean a Sabrina Carpenter Australia tour is off the cards, since the pop star has hinted that a trip Down Under might well be in the works. 

Will Sabrina Carpenter tour Australia in 2024?

If we were to read the tea leaves — or in Sabrina’s case, the espresso leaves — we’d bet that a Short n’ Sweet Australia tour is heading our way soon. While the singer hasn’t yet confirmed any official international dates, rumours of a potential Sabrina Carpenter Aussie tour were sparked in February, when the singer appeared on the Today Show. 

Sabrina and Taylor performing in Sydney for the Eras Tour. (Source: Don Arnold/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management).

When asked whether we can expect any shows, Carpenter said a Short n’ Sweet Australia tour is “very much happening.” She went on to reveal that while nothing has been finalised, she’s “definitely getting excited” about the prospect of a tour Down Under, saying that her brief jaunt in the country in February “made me want to come back ASAP.” 

That’s basically PR-speak confirming that a Sabrina Carpenter Australia tour is a goer, but exactly when it is happening is about as mysterious as the shady Instagram comments liked by Keoghan’s ex. Please Please Please prove us right, Sabrina!

When can we expect tickets for Sabrina Carpenter’s Short n’ Sweet tour?

Since there’s no official dates for Carpenter’s Short n’ Sweet Australia tour, any idea around when tickets will be available is purely guesswork (which is super fun, nonetheless). Let’s use Taylor Swift’s recent Australian jaunt as the template, since Carpenter is her protégé and the (seemingly unending) Eras Tour will forever be the blueprint

If, like Swift, Carpenter was to announce international dates after her North American leg, that’d mean news of a Short n’ Sweet Australia tour will arrive sometime in mid to late-November. 

Sabrina Carpenter Touring Australia
Quite literally “workin’ late” as musical guest on SNL. (Source: Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images).

It might be the case that tickets will be available around the time of that announcement, and if Carpenter follows the Swift model of releasing tickets eight months prior to arriving in Australia, that means the Short n’ Sweet Australia tour could touch down by around June or July of 2025. 

Again, this is all speculative, and since she hasn’t quite reached Swiftian levels (has anyone?) and likely won’t perform at the same sized arenas, the ticket release window for a Sabrina Carpenter Australia tour might be much shorter (n’ sweeter).

Who is rumoured to be Sabrina Carpenter’s support act if she goes on tour?

In June, Carpenter confirmed the support acts for the North American leg of her Short n’ Sweet tour. From September 23 to October 14, she’ll be joined on the road by pop and R&B artist Amaarae, while Griff will take the support act reins from October 16 to October 30. 

Declan McKenna, the singer behind TikTok smash hit “Brazil”, will wrap up the US leg on support act duties from November 1 to November 15.

The trio could be enlisted again to open shows for the Sabrina Carpenter Australia tour, or she could tap homegrown artists, especially since Swift copped backlash for not including local talent for her concerts. In any case, no names for the potential Aussie leg have been revealed as yet. 

When did Sabrina Carpenter last tour Australia? 

Carpenter’s last trip Down Under was in February, 2024, when she served as the support act for the Australian dates of Swift’s Eras tour. It marked her first-ever performances in Australia, and saw her play a solid ten-song set ahead of Swift’s shows in Melbourne and Sydney. 

When will Sabrina Carpenter tour Australia
Hang this in the Louvre. (Source: Joseph Okpako/WireImage).

However, Carpenter has yet to visit the country for her own headline shows, strengthening the case for a debut Short n’ Sweet Australia tour. 

Is Sabrina Carpenter releasing an album?

Much to the delight of pop music stans and legions of gays, Carpenter is releasing her new album Short n’ Sweet on August 23, 2024. It will mark the singer’s sixth album overall, and her follow-up to 2022’s emails I can’t send, which spawned hits like “Nonsense” and “Feather”. 

Carpenter released the tracklist for Short n’ Sweet in July, spanning 12 tracks including previously released singles “Espresso” and “Please Please Please”.

The singer hasn’t yet revealed whether there’ll be any collaborations on the project, but we know she tapped Jack Antonoff to produce “Please Please Please”, and it’s been rumoured that Swift and Ice Spice will appear on the tracklist.

While much of this news of a Sabrina Carpenter Australia tour remains up in the air, we can at least rest assured that Short n’ Sweet will absolutely slap. She’s a no-“Nonsense” pop star, after all.

Image source: Nina Westervelt/Billboard via Getty Images