Ryan Reynolds’ Daily Schedule Is Far More Relatable Than Mark Wahlberg’s 

The excellent Ryan Reynolds has once again taken the piss out of someone/something and this time it’s Mark Wahlberg and his ungodly daily schedule.

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Earlier this week Wahlberg posted his “Typical daily schedule” to his Instagram story and was immediately bombarded with normal people questioning why anyone would ever do such a thing.

In short, the actor somehow wakes up at 2:30am, says prayer at 2:45am, somehow digests food at 3:15am, exercises for too long between 3:40am and 5:15am, then eats again, plays some golf, and so on and so forth until he hits the hay at 7:30pm.

If you’re keen to see it, aggressively click on the below.

Not to be outdone, Reynolds hopped on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday to show off his own impressive schedule and to advertise his company Aviation Gin. To acquire your own copy of said schedule, Reynolds welcomed the audience and viewers at home to email him at: Ryan@aviationgin.com.

Reynolds purchased Aviation Gin back in February and you can learn more about it HERE

Am I counting this as contact with Ryan goddamn Reynolds? Yes, yes I am.

Reynolds’ out-of-office reply begins with the words:“Bruce, see below. I’m swamped. No way can I squeeze any more into this week.”

I do not know who Bruce is.

Now behold, the weekly schedule.

Credit: Ryan Reynolds

How good does a ten minute date night with Ryan Reynolds sound?

Proving just how selfless he is, Reynolds spends a whole hour on Wednesdays saving the environment before spending six hours finding a new hairstyle. On Thursdays he’ll pick the kids up from the celebrity child kennel while on Saturdays he’ll cry in front of strangers.

Also on the list is Blake Lively‘s latest film A Simple Favor and Lively’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon which is just a tad cute.

A Simple Favor co-starring Anna Kendrick and Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding is in cinemas now.

Reynolds highly recommends it.

Fun fact: Aviation Gin appears in the film.