Former sexiest man alive Ryan Reynolds has reignited his feud with fellow sexiest man alive winner Hugh Jackman on Instagram today and honestly, I am living for this.

The feud, which I’m dubbing “The Great Sexy Man War”, started way back in 2016 when the pair did an interview for Jackman’s film ‘Eddie The Eagle’

Since then, we’ve seen countless back and fourth jabs between Ryan and Hugh, who won Sexiest Man Alive in 2010 and 2008 respectively.

So obviously, Ryan Reynolds had to take a jab at Hugh on his 51st birthday.

This one started recently when Hugh belted out a truly exceptional musical performance, followed by a sneaky jab at his nemesis.

“Let’s see Ryan Reynolds do that,” he said. “Don’t post that! Do not post that! I’ll have three million tweets from him in the next 10 seconds.”

Although he didn’t send three million tweets, Reynolds certainly did see the jab, and promptly responded.

“Hello Hugh. I was just going to wish you Happy Birthday … then I saw what you said. In a word, hurtful. Enjoy the show, Hugh Jackman,” he said while wearing a party hat before singing a few *very professional* lines of Happy Birthday.

“And I’m not even professionally trained, Jackman, you piece of sh*t!”

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At first I thought – Ugh, now I have to actually apologize. But then …

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This feud between Deadpool and Australia’s greatest export is too good. We simply do not deserve this. We live in a world where Deadpool and Wolverine are friends and share cheeky banter with each other. We are too blessed.

Happy Birthday Hugh Jackman, I’m not sure there’s a greater gift than a message from Ryan Reynolds.