Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman’s Faux Feud Has Come To An End… For Now

Ryan Reynolds

For years, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have effortlessly roasted each other bringing the utmost joy to millions. But now, apparently, the trolling has come to an end with the actors calling an “official truce”. 

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Taking to their respective Instagram accounts, Reynolds and Jackman posted the same photo – of the pair clasping hands very naturally – to announce their truce. And, in a sign of goodwill, they both offered their services to each other’s companies.

Reynolds captioned his picture, “Official truce with @thehughjackman! As a gesture of goodwill, I’m gonna make a beautiful ad for his company, Laughing Man Coffee. Can’t wait!” 


Similarly, Jackman captioned his post, “Official truce! I’m going to make an awesome ad for Aviation Gin. And, looking forward to seeing what @Vancityreynolds comes up with in return.”

Reynolds bought Aviation Gin back in February 2018 and has since transformed the company’s marketing department. For example, Reynolds enjoys playing around with his very real out-of-office replies. Email ryan@aviationgin.com to find out – this is an actual email. In September of 2018, Reynolds *accidentally* attached his daily schedule to his out-of-office reply which completely mocked Mark Wahlberg‘s insane daily schedule and simultaneously promoted his company and  A Simple Favor – starring his wife Blake Lively – which at the time had just hit cinemas.

Laughing Man Coffee shop and its adjoining foundation supports coffee farming communities by investing in ethical and sustainable development programs. In 2011, the Laughing Man Foundation partnered with Fair Trade US to invest in housing improvements and college scholarships in Columbia. 

Unfortunately, the Laughing Man cafe has only set up shop in New York but if you’re ever in the neighbourhood, be sure to pop around. You never know who you might just run into.

Anywho, to honour this sacred truce, here are some key moments from the Reynolds x Jackman roast war.

It’s early 2015, Deadpool is still a little while away. Reynolds begins his campaign to have a Deadpool and Wolverine movie following the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. 

It begins.

Jackman, not to be outdone, posted this to celebrate Reynolds’ star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

And so on and so forth.

Of course, we can’t forget this beauty.

And Jackman’s stunning response.

You will be missed faux feud, you will be missed.