Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman‘s continued quest to troll the hell out of one another is one of the very few bright spots on the internet, and the two are at it again, with Reynolds mocking his mate in a fear-mongering political ad.

To set the scene a bit, Jackman stars in the upcoming biographical drama The Front Runner, about senator Gary Hart, whose presidential campaign was derailed by a sex scandal back when that sort of thing could hurt a political career.

The movie clearly represent a ploy for some kind of awards season consideration, maybe even an Oscar nomination, so Ryan Reynolds attempted to head that off with an ad asking what we really know about old mate Wolverine:

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How well do we really know this man? @thehughjackman

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Jackman responded with a video of his own, involving his Frenchie and a photo of the Deadpool star, and it pretty much speaks for itself:

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HIGH ROAD. @vancityreynolds

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As you may recall, earlier this year, Reynolds sent Jackman a message of congratulations for his anniversary that didn’t turn out to be all that congratulatory, and the two have been going at it pretty consistently since then.

We can’t wait to see where this leads next.

Image: Getty Images / Jon Kopaloff