Original Home Alone Director Calls Ryan Reynolds’ Stoner Reboot An ‘Insult’ To Cinema

Ryan Reynolds

In a war of words that I doubt anyone saw coming until today, the director of the original Home Alone has harshly criticised Ryan Reynolds‘ planned reboot, calling it an “insult to the art of cinema”.

It seems that back in 2018, Ryan Reynolds signed on to produce Stoned Alone, a ‘spiritual sequel’ to the classic kids’ film, about a twenty-something ‘weed-growing loser’ who misses his family’s ski trip.

Much like in the original film, thieves then break into his house, and then a series of what we can only presume to be very stoned hijinks ensue. Sure, that definitely sounds like a movie!

In any case, director Christopher Columbus was recently interviewed about his beloved 1990 film, and when the topic of the reboot came up, he seemed less than thrilled about it.

Speaking with The Independent, he said:

“The reboots are just silly to me. When I read about something called Stoned Alone, they were going to do with [Ryan Reynolds] – it was an R-rated Home Alone movie about stoners – I thought to myself, ‘This is just an insult to the art of cinema’.”

Yikes. The director then continued:

“If you’re making a comedy, a musical, no matter what film I’m making, my goal is to treat it with the same respect as if I was making The Godfather. Home Alone is not The Godfather, but you have to treat it with that kind of respect and this idea of remaking things that already exist and are working well? Watch the original! Forget about it. It’s just never going to be as good.”

The IMDb page for Stoned Alone currently lists is as ‘in development’, with no further information. Ironically, Columbus’ spray has probably brought some fresh interest to the project.

Meanwhile, Disney+ has developed a straight reboot of Home Alone, starring Rob DelaneyEllie Kemper and Archie Yates of Jojo Rabbit.

Their version is due for release next year, and it’s rumoured that original star Macaulay Culkin was paid big bucks for a cameo appearance.