In case it somehow slipped by you, a lil’ known party called the Met Gala is happening right the hell now. Anna Wintour personally curates the invite list, and if you’re not a somebody, or somebody involved in one of the most exciting projects of the year, then you are absolutely not invited.

Over the years, Humans Of New York‘s Brandon Stanton has found himself one of the somebodies, taking his signature style of placing a magnifying glass onto the lives of the ordinary and extraordinary into the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This year, he’s snapped none other than Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, a pair of humans that cause otherwise sane people to spew #COUPLEGOALS out of their brains and onto their screens. Totally normal behaviour. Also, Ryan has a pretty funny Twitter account, which makes up for his extremely punchable face.

So yeah, Brandon chatted to the loved-up couple for a HONY post, and it’s actually pretty fucken’ cute. Ryan heaps praise on Blake for being the most empathetic person who ever lived, and talks about how she helped him past his daddy issues.

“She always responds with empathy. She meets anger with empathy. She meets hate with empathy. She’ll take the time to imagine what happened to a person when they were five or six years old. And she’s made me a more empathetic person. I had a very fractured relationship with my father. Before he died, she made me remember things I didn’t want to remember. She made me remember the good times.”

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“She made me remember the good times.”


Photo: Humans of New York / Instagram.