Ryan Lochte’s Bizarre ‘DWTS’ Debut Got Interrupted By Aggro Stage Invaders

As we’re all probably aware by now, US swimmer Ryan Lochte managed to get himself into some hot water after experiencing an alleged “armed mugging” in Rio de Janeiro during the 2016 Olympics
Lochte‘s story was busted as a complete lie, with press finding out from the police that he’d actually drunkenly damaged and urinated on a gas station, and armed security guards wouldn’t let him and his team mates leave until they’d paid for the damages. 
So, he’s been banned from swimming for 10 months now, and has done what every true American does when they’re trying to do PR rehab to fix their image: go on ‘Dancing with the Stars’
Buuuuuuuut we’re afraid Lochte‘s first appearance on the dance reality show hasn’t gone so swimmingly. 
During the critique, two men stormed on to the stage and allegedly tried to attack him, but security was able to get to them first. 
While the camera themselves didn’t capture the incident (they were focused on Lochte on one screen, and the judge speaking on the other), you can clearly hear the audio, and the judge yelling at the men to ‘back off’ and ‘get off the stage’. 
Watch below:

Media managed to nab photos of the two men sitting outside after the incident though. 
They are wearing shirts that have ‘Lochte’ with a red ‘banned’ symbol over the top of his surname:

There have been reports that the men have been arrested, but this has not been confirmed. 
Source/Photo: ABC News / Twitter.