Ryan Kwanten Is Short, Single & In Sydney

Home And Away alum and the seldom-clothed star of True Blood Ryan Kwanten is currently in Australia to spruik a telecommunications product and the local press have gotten the actor to clarify a few rumours while on the junket. Firstly, he explained to Sydney Confidential that his self-penned sex book The G-Strategy, is not a modern Kama Sutra but a satirical take-off of self-help books – a relief as authentic sex guides are inexplicably creepy.

Secondly, he also confirmed that he is single: “My life is very much consumed with work… It would be very selfish of me to try and bring someone into that world when I can’t give them the time they deserve.” You hear that ladies? One night stands it is.

Third, he’s really short in real life. Like five foot six. He looks so much taller when he’s dancing for drugs in his tightie whiteys.

Via Sydney Confidential