If this entire story turned out to be one giant hoax from Mother Russia to distract us while they plot a global takeover, I would not be surprised.

But in the meantime…

A new reality TV show set in the Siberian wilderness promises a Hunger Games-style showdown where contestants are allowed to rape and murder willy nilly.

In fact, according to the rules: “Everything is allowed. Fighting, alcohol, murder, rape, smoking, anything.”

The show, given the suitably video-game style name of ‘Game2: Winter‘, is the brainchild of 35-year-old Russian millionaire Yevgeny Pyatkovsky, and will pit 30 men and women against each other in the bear- and wolf-populated wilderness.

Russia’s New ‘Hunger Games’ Reality Show Says It’s Cool W/ Rapes & Murders

But while the show is happy to let the participants do all the murders they want, it down warn that the anti-murder laws of Russia still apply.

“You must understand that the police will come and take you away. We are on the territory of Russia, and obey the laws of the Russian Federation.”

This stance is backed up by Pyatkovsky, a man who looks like the very epitome of psychotic Russian millionaire.

“We will refuse any claim of participants even if they were to be killed or raped,” he told the Siberian Times.

“We will have nothing to do with this. This will be spelt out in a document to be signed by the participant before the start of the show.”


Russia’s New ‘Hunger Games’ Reality Show Says It’s Cool W/ Rapes & Murders

Head Gamemaker Yevgeny Pyatkovsky.

So anyway, about this show. Despite the murder parts, it seems to be more of an epic survival show, where contestants are more likely to freeze to death than stab their fellow contestant in the literal back.

Contestants – who must be at least 18 years old and “mentally sane” – will be given survival training from Russia’s elite former GRU Spetsnaz operatives before being kicked out into the Siberian wilderness to survive for nine months.

Anyone left at the end will share in the 100 million roubles ($AU 2,199,417) prize money.

They’ll be permitted knives, but not guns, and no more than 100 kilograms of equipment each. They’ll then be faced with temperatures that range from 35 degrees in summer to minus 40 degrees in winter, at which point they’ll literally have to fish through ice holes if they want to eat.

Contestants can choose to team up with one another, if they wish, or try and go it alone. They’ll also be allowed to request items from viewers each week, who can then donate money for it via the website.

Does any of this sound familiar???

Russia’s New ‘Hunger Games’ Reality Show Says It’s Cool W/ Rapes & Murders

Yet weirdly enough, ‘The Hunger Games’ is not what Pyatkovsky is comparing his show to. Nor is he likening it to global reality smash hit ‘Survivor‘.

Do you know what he’s comparing it to?

“Probably all of you have watched the ‘Lost‘ TV series, but surviving in a tropical climate is quite different from trying to stay alive in the Siberian taiga – boreal forest – at minus 40 degrees Celsius.”


And just in case you wanted to watch people slowly freeze to death in real time, the show will be broadcast round the world, 24/7, with simultaneous translation into English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.

“There will be no filming crew: the whole area will be dotted with cameras and each participant will be carrying a portable camera with 7-hour life rechargeable battery,” said Pyatkovsky.

“There have been no reality TV projects before that stay on air 24/7.”

Game2: Winter is due to start July 1, 2017, with contestants attempting to survive will April 1, 2018. Tune in for a wild ride.

Source: Siberian Times.

Photo: Siberian Times.