It’s looking like the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is set to make herstory, with big rumours that the very first cisgender woman will be part of the cast of queens vying for the crown.

Keen eyes who keep abreast of notable queens that could possibly wind up in the werk room have noticed that Welsh bio queen Victoria Scone has been suspiciously quiet on social media since mid-February – around the same time as a lot of other well-known queens also quietly sashayed away from Instagram.

I mean since the start of this year she’s only posted seven (7) times, which seems awfully quiet for someone who would be showing off their beats, wigs, and endless looks online for that all-important self promotion.

Victoria Scone is also followed by Season 2 faves and non binary queens Bimini Babes and Ginny Lemon (she also performed on the Ginimini tour with them this month), as well as Drag Race S13 finalist and trans queen Gottmik, and noted alien Juno Birch.


If this is true and real, Victoria would be the first-ever assigned female at birth (AFAB) cisgender queen to compete on the long-running drag competition.

Another queen of interest for the stans out there is Veronica Green, who has also been posting sporadically on Instagram, and mostly doing a lot of throwback photos and videos, telling the story of her drag journey this year.

Is this also some suspicious scheme to look like she’s present online but is actually back filming for season 3?

If you’re unaware of Miss Green, she was one of the quiet threats of season 2 of Drag Race UK, until production was halted for lockdowns. When all the queens returned, it was revealed that Victoria Green wouldn’t be coming back to the season, because she had unfortunately contracted COVID-19 herself.

So she’s got some serious unfinished business to attend to.

Other queens sending the rumour mill into overdrive for season 3’s cast include Charity KaseKrystal VersaceElektra FenceKitty Scott Claus and Vanity Milan.

As soon we as find out more we’ll let you know, but you can catch up on seasons 1 and 1 of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK over on Stan right now.

Image: Instagram / @victoriascone