Keep Yr Engine Running ’Cos Drag Race All-Stars 7 Has Ru-Vealed Its All-Winners Cast

rupaul's drag race all-stars 7 cast queens returning winners

Keep your engines running babes because Drag Race All-Stars 7 has kicked off and welcomed its eight queens to the stage. Unlike previous All-Stars seasons, this one is all winners so we’re really being served up the creme de la creme of Drag Race herstory.

We’ve already met these queens at one point or another in the last 13 years. But this all-winners competition means we’ll wind up with a queen snatching the crown for a second time.

This year’s All-Stars cast is made up of crowned queens from several franchises within the extended Runiverse. The “Queen of all Queens” season is set to shantay onto Stan from May 20 to battle it out for a place in the Drag Race Hall of Fame and a bumped up cash prize of $200,000 (two hundred thousand doulahs).

So let’s get re-acquainted with our girls, shall we?

Here Are Your RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 7 Cast Queens

Raja – Season 3

Throwing it all the way back to the Vaselined camera lenses of Season 3, the blueprint of modern drag is making her re-entrance into the werkroom. Before winning the 2011 season, Raja was the head make-up artist on America’s Next Top Model and has literally been doing drag for over 30 years.

A true titan of the game, and one to keep an eye on this season.

Jinkx Monsoon – Season 5

Monsoon season has come back again — everyone’s favourite singing, dancing chorus line-kicking narcoleptic is returning to the race. Jinkx has popped their head in and out of the Drag Race set over the years as a winner and alumni. Now she’s back to play hard, but will the heat of the all-winners competition be water off a duck’s back once again?

Monét X Change – All-Stars 4

After picking up the title of Miss Congeniality in her original run on Season 10 and then returning to lock herself into the Hall of Fame in All-Stars 5Monét X Change is back to soak up the competition for the third time. Long live the sponge!!

Trinity The Tuck – All-Stars 4

It’s time to get Trintastic again, because the other winner of All-Stars 4 is back to say “fuck your feelings”. Trinity The Tuck aka Trintity aka The Body is back, back, back again for her third run at the crown.

Simply can’t wait for the tightest tuck to turn it out on the runway again and call shade when she sees it.

Yvie Oddly – Season 11

True weirdo representation is set to linger in the Drag Race halls as Season 11’s crowning glory Yvie Oddly contorts herself back to the competition. If there’s anyone that’s going to make Untucked an absolute riot, it’s Yvie. If there’s anyone that’ll turn it out in some horror-soaked fit, do a full backbend and crawl down the runway, it’s Yvie. If there’s anyone that is going to keep the freak flag flying, it’s Yvie.

Odd bless.

Jaida Essence Hall – Season 12

Look over there! The essence is back! It’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen Jaida Essence Hall on the Drag Race set, Sure, she might have been crowned in isolation after Miss Rona tried to steal the show, but the shady boots are back and ready to walk.

She was considered the lipsync assassin in Season 12 so we’re keen to see how she fares against some of the fiercest queens in the biz.

The Vivienne – Drag Race UK Season 1

Coming from across the pond we’ve got our first international queen competing in All-Stars. Season 1 winner of Drag Race UK The Vivienne is in it to win it, and take home more than a flashy little Ru Peter badge this time. And I bet she won’t be Chering any secrets with the American queens.

Shea Couleé – All-Stars 5

Guess who’s come back to slay another day — it’s none other than Shea Couleé. Another All-Stars winner on the books, Shea is returning with her big hats and shady behaviour to maybe deliver Trinity the edges she promised all those years ago.

Just remember: if you don’t like what you’re seeing from Shea, her name is Nina Bo’Nina Brown.

Drag Race All-Stars 7 premieres in Australia on May 20, and you can catch up on all the zillions of seasons and spinoffs over on Stan right now.