It’s the 40th anniversary year of Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in 2018 and the super exciting plans for the event continue to roll out, including this utterly awesome piece of info re: trans teens and their very own float!

For the first time in the long-running parade and festival, The NSW Trans Youth Alliance will be hooning (well, extremely slowly hooning) down Oxford St come March 3rd, with their own Mardi Gras float celebrating young transgender Aussies.

Whilst 2017 was a shitfight for large swathes of the LGBTIQ community, younger queer kids and especially young trans kids, felt the bulk of the negativity thrown about thanks to the extremely dumb postal survey on same-sex marriage, so it’s wonderful news they get their own spotlight to celebrate this Mardi Gras.

Kath Power, a psychologist and mother to a trans son, is the organiser behind the group, having only just started the Alliance via a Facebook group four months ago. Talking to Buzzfeed, Power says it’s rough out for trans teens: “It’s hard enough just being a teenager, let alone being trans. And a lot of them are gay as well.”

The group will be marching with signs such as “Trans And Proud” and “Gender Freedom” and have designed their own logo in the shape of a burger, utilising the colours of the transgender flag:

THIS RULES: Trans Teens Are Getting Their Own Mardi Gras Float This Yr

Cannot wait to see these beaming, happy teens living it large this Mardi Gras!



Source: Buzzfeed
Image: Getty Images / Brendon Thorne