Just Gonna Say It: If You See Someone Being A Dick To A Service Worker You Should Call Them Out

In light of James Corden being called out for his shitty behaviour, I think it’s time we discuss the biggest red flag one could have: being mean to service people. Whether it’s rude celebrities or normies, why do people think they’re in a position to mistreat someone just because they’re serving you?

ICYMI: Restaurateur Keith McNally wrote a scathing Instagram post in which he announced that the talkshow host had been permanently banned from New York restaurant Balthazar, calling him “the most abusive customer” since the restaurant opened.

He went on to recount multiple incidents in which Corden lost his shit at wait staff for something as minor as the way his eggs were cooked.

And Corden isn’t the only celebrity who seems to think that because they’re in the public eye, it’s okay for them to treat people they deem as below them like absolute shit.

Since the rise of TikTok and Instagram pages like Deuxmoi, loads of celebs have been exposed as awful humans.

From stars like Kylie Jenner tipping poorly (despite apparently being a billionaire, mind you) to stars like Hilary Swank allegedly pulling a “Don’t you know who I am?”, celebs have a habit of acting like total dicks to service workers and it’s not okay.

But this goes beyond just celebs exhibiting diva behaviour.

I dunno about you, but my biggest ick when it comes to dating is seeing someone acting poorly to hospo or retail staff.

Not even just dating, also friends, family, literally whoever.

Anyone who thinks they somehow outrank servers and can therefore disrespect them are the worst kind of humans. The scum of the earth. The gum under our shoes. The scourge of society.

This is one of those rare instances where social media is actually a great thing because it’s provided a platform for people to share their heinous encounters with celebrities and open everyone’s eyes to who we’re dealing with here.

I certainly wouldn’t want to support someone who has a toddler-like tantrum when they find “a little bit of egg white mixed with the egg yolk.”

And this goes to people IRL, too. If you see someone being less than kind to a retail or hospo worker, call them the fuck out. This shit has got to stop.