Influencer Ruby Tuesday Matthews Tells Fans She’s Going To Check In To A Mental Health Facility

Ruby Tuesday Matthews
CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses mental health issues.

Ruby Tuesday Matthew will be checking herself into a mental health facility after she suffered a “nervous breakdown”.

The influencer opened up in an Instagram post caption where she revealed she’s been struggling with postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter.

“Some days I feel strong and a true power house (sic) but Post natal depression sneaks up on you,” she wrote alongside a Reel of herself with her three children.

“A nervous breakdown isn’t what I expected. But we are here. And I’m still going.”

Matthews said this will be her last seven days on Instagram before she’ll leave her phone at home and check herself into therapy to “learn some new tools”.

“For months I’ve been proactive with drs, psychologist (sic), psychiatrists, and number of therapists. I have good days and bad ones,” she said.

“I’m feeling angry these are my cards I’ve been dealt, that I’m so proactive and I can’t shake this silly thing. Medications don’t work this time round, I’m angry that I’ve forget the old me (sic).

“But I also see the light. I know the woman’s rebirth after having a child is possibly the greatest growth of her lifetime. Only because I’ve been here before. I have hope and I know it will get better and be better than ever!”

Ruby Tuesday Matthews welcomed baby Holiday, her first child with fiancé Shannon Dodd and third overall, in September. She shares two sons with her previous partner, the younger of which she made headlines over earlier this year after followers accused her of exploiting him.

The controversial Byron Bay influencer received fierce backlash on Instagram after she uploaded a picture of her four-year-old son Mars from a photoshoot in which he was shirtless and wearing jeans low on his hips.

However, she staunchly denied accusations of child exploitation and slammed people for sexualising what she deemed an innocent image of her child.

“If you are sexualising my child or thinking of this image in that way, it is you who has the issue, or maybe you’ve become so soft, and the line has become so blurred that you can’t appreciate the natural human form and some fucking great photography,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Please save energy for children that need to be protected and stood up for; my son is wearing loose jeans (his butt crack is always out, or he is running around nude).”

Yikes. With all that going on, and then suffering from postpartum depression, a break from Instagram can only be a good thing.

Image: Instagram / Ruby Tuesday Matthews