Ruby Rose Got Her Mum A Giant Rescue Pig, And Now It’s Ruining Her Life

Any reasonable person should be aware that piglets only have a small window of being tiny and adorable before they grow up into gigantic, honkin’ porkers – who are still adorable, but just in a very different way. Apparently, though, nobody told this to Ruby Rose, who is currently in the midst of a monster-sized pig problem.

Rose appeared on Jimmy Fallon‘s show recently and revealed that she bought a rescue pig for her mum several years ago, and while it started off cute and petite, it grew and grew, doubling in size from week to week, until eventually it couldn’t fit in the house anymore.

The only solution was to get a new house, with the next step being to acquire the block next door, to wall off the pig and stop it from eating everything in sight (apparently that’s no joke – a family trip to the emergency room was required last year when it tried to devour a little cousin).

The worst part, Ruby Rose explained, is when she comes home for Christmas and hears the animal snoring and snorting through the wall, and eyeing her off like a tasty morsel when she walks past. The story is honestly pretty wild, and you can hear her tell it below: