Ruby Rose & Catherine McNeil VS Woman’s Day

Yesterday the news of Ruby Rose and Catherine McNeil‘s rumoured engagement having been “confirmed” by Rose to Woman’s Day went ballistic across the internet, with everyone from New York Magazine’s fashion blog The Cut to The Huffington Post and Catwalkqueen getting in on the party.

A tabloid mag like Woman’s Day seemed a strange choice of forum for Rose to comment on the status of her relationship – particularly in light of her previously refusing to speak about Catherine McNeil or her personal life on-the-record EVER – something that the Courier Mail Confidential clearly felt pissed off about, after making the following comments in their post titled: “Ruby Rose tells Woman’s Day about Catherine McNeil”:

“Oh, Ruby. You caved so quickly. Just last week, MTV VJ Ruby Rose told Confidential her fans would never catch her blabbing about her relationship to the supermarket glossies.

Not four days later, we see she’s confirmed her engagement to Logan-raised supermodel Catherine McNeil in an “exclusive interview” with Woman’s Day.”


As we now know, it turns out Confidential were on the money, because shortly after the announcement appeared on (who also cited Woman’s Day as the news breaking source) Rose posted the following tweet:

Then a couple of hours later:

Trashy magazines can be like chicken soup for the soul and, along with reality television, they would probably make the Top Five Guilty Pleasures list. The majority of their content is bullshit – which is common knowledge – and including quotes from “sources” (usually a copy editor who gets to spend all day coming up with pun-heavy headlines and making up awesome sentences like “their love is like no other – she’s made mistakes in the past but now she’s finally ready for something real with Bobby” etc. No one talks like that in real life); but is creating and publishing words as quotes by real life people crossing the line? Or is it simply part of being a celebrity i.e. deal with it – you get fame, money, and free clothes to make up for it.

Speaking of which…

Earlier today Melissa Hoyer posted the following tweet:

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