The Masked Singer Just Revealed Special Guest Rubble & Yeah, The Humping All Makes Sense Now

rubble masked singer reveal

The Masked Singer Australia‘s Rubble was just revealed, and of course, the dog is Kyle Sandilands. Very on brand!

And no, not one person guessed him correctly — even Jackie O, who Kyle pointed out has been working with him since forever.

Look, no one was expecting to see Kyle Sandilands, of all people, in a Paw Patrol outfit. The man is not exactly someone I associate with child-friendly content. Yet here he is, standing in front of me. I can definitely say I didn’t guess this one.

Here are the clues that hinted at his identity, for those of you following along at home. My fave is the acknowledgement that he can be a little… factually challenged with some of his stories.

Clue 1: Am I a dog? You can’t judge me. That would be a turnaround. Life’s tough for everyone. We all have our own troubles.

Clue 2: Some, we bring on ourselves, some not. So be careful what you say about me, day or night.

Clue 3: Ooh! Ooh! Pizza!

Clue 4: I love music. I love talented performers.

Clue 5: I don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. Cancel that one – I’m more…presidential.

Clue 6: Now I feel like chasing a car – something expensive, of course. Hear my voice howl out.

You can follow along to all the other clues on the show here!

The Masked Singer Australia airs on Channel 10, and you can stream it on 10Play.