Of Course The Royal Wedding Has Copped The ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Treatment

The only really surprising thing about this is that it’s taken this long for it to go up. But nonetheless, the absolutely inevitable Bad Lip Reading treatment of the Royal Wedding is here, and it is good. Folks, it’s real good.

The ocean of coverage that the Royal Wedding between cross-Atlantic lovers Prince Harry and Meghan Markle provided, as it turns out, ample fodder to literally put words in the mouths of the Royal Family.

Highlights of this one? The nervous idle chit-chat between Harry and William, which looks even more awkward when you don’t have the usual backing soundtrack to mask their fidgeting.

Elsewhere, Harry reveals the sheer stats of his murderous streak, and the happy couple confirm their nuptials by stating their favourite Harry Potter character. As is Royal tradition.

Hell yeah, that’s the good stuff right there.

And that, we can’t help but think, is as good a spot to put a full-stop on it all as any.

Lol yeah nah there’s probably gonna heaps more yarns. Royal Wedding coverage until we all keel over at our desks. Someone send help.