Rove’s New Gig Debuted & Yes “Say Hi To Your Mum For Me” Is Still A Thing

If anyone’s going to get Aussies to turn off Netflix for an hour, it’s Rove McManus and tonight he was back on our small screens for the debut of Show Me The Movie!, the movie trivia show that’ll give you a handful of 00′ vibes…mostly because it’s Rove. 

So how did it go?

Well, some segments were genuinely funny and some others fell flat but considering the show doesn’t involve loads of MAFS drama and or eating a coupla bugs, Show Me The Movie! is so far, so good.

If you missed out on the episode, here’s a quick rundown. There are two teams of three captained by actor Jane Harber (Zara from Offspringand “acid-tongued prince” and comedian Joel Creasey. On tonight’s show, Jane captained Paul Mercurio AKA Scott on Strictly Ballroom and actor Tegan Higginbotham while Joel lead comedian Frank Woodley and Channel Ten’s entertainment editor Angela Bishop. 

Taking it in turns, Rove hits the teams with what you’d expect from a movie trivia show like actor heights and blooper trivia and then of course there was a game of charades and a speed round. Oh, and then there was an Entrapment styled game with legitimate bells hanging from strings – it was wild.

This highlights the charade round.

SMTM was created by Ben Davies who’s behind Bondi Rescue as well as Paul Clarke, the legend behind Spicks and Specks. And yes, there are plenty of Spicks and Specks vibes.

So, what did Twitter think?

Well, unsurprisingly the majority of users are behind the TV legend’s return to our screens.

And then there were the not so happy tweets. The crux of the matter is it’s no Spicks and Specks, audience participation is off, it’s nothing we’ve not seen before, and some people are missing Have You Been Paying Attention just a tad. Tom and Sam banter forever in our hearts. For others, they just simply didn’t like it and thought the show lacked some real and challenging movie trivia questions.

But despite what you may think of the show, one thing put a smile on everyone’s face and that’s Rove’s iconic sign off, “Say hi to your mum for me.” 

Show Me The Movie! airs Thursdays 7:30.