Please Indulge Me As I Try To Wrap My Head Around The Existence Of Rotisserie Chicken Cat

Rotisserie chicken cat. Truly I could be done with this story in just three words. The image speaks for itself here. I mean, its a cat, that looks like a rotisserie chicken. But let’s delve deeper. Let’s explore this further. Instead of just gawking at this weird and wacky spectacle, let’s discuss.

I first came across rotisserie chicken cat on Twitter, where most cursed things often live. It was originally posted by @thegallowboob, with the simple and effective caption of ‘rotisserie chicken cat.’ I couldn’t agree more Mr Gallowboob.

Over 110k likes and 53k retweets later, and we have ourselves a viral tweet folks. Truly nothing is more capable of instant virality than an animal doing something weird or looking like a chicken. It’s common knowledge at this point. You want yourself a tweet that goes gangbusters? Just take a piccie of your dog that looks like a muesli bar. Success guaranteed.

Look, I did visual arts in year 12, so I know an artwork when I see one. You see, rotisserie chicken cat is more than just a creature of this Earth caught with its back to the camera. No. It is far more than that.

Rotisserie chicken cat, (who I should add, probably wouldn’t like being called that,) is the highest form of art. We as the viewer are first exposed to the image of a raw chicken, and are lead to believe that we are looking at, well, a raw chicken. But nay! In the second still, it is revealed to us that we are in fact looking at a fugly cat.

This is the artistic style known as the ‘classic switcheroo of expectations’, as Picasso called it.

Truly, the more I stare at this ungodly creature the more I can feel my sanity slipping away. It’s the post-Christmas period and I would have loved to look at things that are beautiful and inspiring before we enter 2021, but nope. If I had to look at this thing, so do you.

The only solace in this cat image going viral is the fact that there are other cats being posted underneath that at least spark a slither of joy. Curse you rotisserie chicken cat.

And this must be my favourite cat.

I could continue dissecting the rotisserie chicken cat until I officially go off the deep end, but I think for my sake, and for yours, I will no longer be doing so.