Pics Of Ross Lynch’s Eight-Pack Emerged Online & The Internet Has Become A Feral Wasteland

ross lynch eight pack pics

You better lock your basement because it’s about to flood. The internet is in a dizzy, thirsty spin over Ross Lynch and his eight-pack abs and I would simply like to know when this man became so painfully attractive.

For those of you who didn’t grow up with Ross Lynch in the background and simply clicked to see beads of sweat dripping down eight abs, allow me to get you up to speed.

Lynch starred in Disney’s Austin & Ally as well as the super-summer time slapper Teen Beach Movie. He then had main roles in My Friend Dahmer and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

He’s also the lead singer of R5, a group consisting of four Lynch siblings (all with names starting with R) and a fifth member with the last name Ratliff. Thus, R5.

R5 is currently on tour in America, which is how these steamy new pics of Ross Lynch were taken. Apparently when Ross sings he always takes his shirt off. My only question is when are they touring Australia?

Ross’ shirt somehow manages to come off in literally everything he does. It must be in his contract or something.

However, this eight-pack is completely new to everyone, thus the internet’s crazed obsession.

Tell me why he looks just as ripped as the cast of Magic Mike, who trained for months to get those bodies. What on Earth is Ross training for??

I cannot complain about the material the internet has provided us, no sir.

If Ross needs a dog to accompany him on tour, I can bark. Hell if he needs a fire machine for his concert I can set myself alight and roll around on stage.

I must admit I have never actually heard Ross Lynch sing and at this point I don’t think I need to.

He has clearly established a massive fanbase that will scream at every button he undoes on his shirt. I am more than happy to be in that camp of Ross fans.

Who knows, he may soon come for Harry Styles‘ gig as the new it-boy on the scene.