Rose Leslie & Kit Harington Are Related & Please Let Their Children Be Ok

Oh. Oh no.

In a horrible twist on life imitating art, it has emerged that ‘Game of Thrones‘ sweeties and newly-engaged couple Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are in fact, well… kinda related.

According to Wikipedia, Harington, who plays everyone’s favourite short and brooding hero Jon Snow, is a direct descendent of Charles II of England.

mm, kingly

Rose Leslie, who played Jon’s (tragically murdered by that little shit Ollie) love interest Ygritte, is – also a direct descendent of Charles II of England.

In the couple’s defence, that means that they are only distant, distant cousins and probably nowhere near the Targaryen-level aunt/nephew incest danger zone.

STILL. It’s almost impossible not to think that George R. R. Martin, that monster, is somehow behind this.

(How very prescient of you, Gareth.)

To be absolutely fair, though, we really should have seen this coming. Kit Harington is the son of a baronet, for Christ’s sake, and Rose Leslie grew up in a castle (which you can rent via Airbnb, just FYI). All English royals and royal-adjacents are basically one step away from hillbilly levels of inbred. Basically, we should count ourselves lucky that Leslie and Harington are only distant cousins.

As should their future children. Good lord.