Ron Howard Will Cameo As Himself On Arrested Development This Year

Arrested Development’s appetite for mind melting meta magic will continue with narrator Ron Howard revealing that he and co-producer Brian Grazer will play heightened versions of themselves in the cult comedy’s new fourth season on Netflix this year. 

Howard (series narrator and executive producer) and Grazer will play big time Hollywood producers who want to make a movie based on the beleaguered Bluth family.

“One of the very last lines in the show was when [I say in voice-over], ‘I don’t think [Arrested Development] is a TV show; maybe it’s a movie,” Howard said. “So in the new season, we create a heightened version of Imagine Entertainment [the production company he co-founded with Brian Grazer].”

“We talk about what could be our new Da Vinci Code,” Grazer added.

Considering the involvement of Ben Schwartz (Parks and Rec’s Jean-Ralphio) this season we’re hoping for a super decadent, image conscious media company similar to Entertainment 720 but with bigger expense accounts.

The pair join a long list of confirmed cameos from Kristen Wiig, Ben Stiller, Seth Rogen, Ben SchwartzJudy GreerScott BaioLiza MinnelliJeff GarlinHenry Winkler, Isla FisherTerry Crews, and John Slattery.

The fourth season will air in May on Netflix.

Photo by Carl Court for AFP

Via TV Guide