Ron Howard Narrating ‘Star Wars’ Is The Treat You Didn’t Know You Needed

Comedy podcast turned “digital media empire” ‘Nerdist‘ have come out with a pretty impressive mash-up of two nerd pop culture favourites, ‘Star Wars‘ and ‘Arrested Development‘. 
In the wake of the news that Ron Howard has taken over directing duties from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller for the as-yet-untitled young Han Solo movie, starring ya boy Donald Glover, it’s a perf combination, like eggs and bacon, or avocado and bacon, or anything and bacon.
They’re calling it ‘Arrested Rebellion‘, and it features cuts of Howard’s ‘Arrested Development‘ narration overlaid onto scenes from ‘Star Wars‘, as well as an excellent title sequence, with Solo described as ‘the smuggler’ and Darth Vader his father-in-law. 

There are some primo moments in here: from ‘Footage not found’, to Solo being unable to flirt with Leia in front of Vader before he is trapped in Carbonite, to the effortless inclusion of “Hey hermano“. Oh and on the next season? ~kisses fingers~
Last week it was revealed that ‘Arrested Development‘ season five is gonna be a murder mystery. It’s due out on Netflix next year.  
The Han Solo origin story is set for release in May next year. 

Source & Photo: Nerdist.