In a Semi-Permanent first, Roman Coppola will speak to guests remotely as part of their first ever Google+ Hangout Session. As the site notes, the writer/director/producer will be “beamed to you directly from the United States in an interactive session that will include a few of his famous friends and colleagues.” Hmmm let us count the ways in which that could be awesome. 1) He co-wrote the screenplay for The Darjeeling Limited and Moonrise Kingdom with Wes Anderson 2) He’s got Bill Murray on speed dial 3) He’s part of the most iconic brood in Hollywood with relatives including little sis Sofia, father Francis Ford and cousins Jason Schwatzman and Nic “Fucking” Cage. If just one of them turns up (especially you crazy Cage) we’d be ecstatic. Remedy your FOMO and buy a ticket like now.