The Rock Responded To A Fan’s ‘Promposal’ By Buying Out ‘Rampage’ Screening

Katie Kelzenberg did what we would all do for the lols (and low-key hope), she asked The Rock to go to prom with her with a cute promposal. Dwayne actually got the message and replied, because he’s the best, and even though he couldn’t make it to prom ‘cos he’s got filming commitments, he came up with the second best thing – a special screening of Rampage.

Dwayne bought out an entire screening of his latest film for Katie and all her mates. And this wasn’t just over email or anything, he took the time to record himself and get it played over the speaker.

My heart.

Dwayne has since posted a video of the major surprise to his Instagram.

“I can’t make her prom because I’ll be in production, but as a surprise gift I bought out her local theatre this weekend so she can bring 232 of her BFFs to watch a special screening of RAMPAGE. I’m a lucky, lucky man to have such amazing fans like Katie, and moments like this will always be the best and coolest part of my job. Her reaction is everything when she hears me say her name!” 

She’s crying, I’m crying, we’re all crying.

Oh, but wait there’s a part two.

Ugh, too kind.

Katie officially has bragging rights forever and ever and ever.

Rampage is in cinemas right now and even though it’s your classic ‘The Rock’ movie, it’s getting a lot of love from fans mostly because well, it’s The Rock.

Also please enjoy this video of The Rock celebrating Rampage as the No. 1 movie in the world for the second week in a row. This is pretty impressive because as The Rock says, the film isn’t a Marvel or Star Wars movie so major respect. But this isn’t just a simple yay at the camera, Dwayne gets super grateful and oh look I’m crying again.

“Just me, Dwayne Johnson… big ol’ brown bald head, tattoos and all. 15 years later, here I am. Beyond grateful for the global love and support. And I’ll always make movies for you – the world – to enjoy. Love y’all, proud of our connection and thank you again.”