Hollywood’s obsession with biopics has reached the nineties boybander turned noughties solo pop star era as Robbie Williams is copping his own flick and apparently it’s being filmed right here in Melbourne.

Daily Mail Australia reports that Robbie himself is set to fly to Australia in the next few months to start production on his upcoming biopic, Better Man, named after the hit song. It’s unknown if he’ll actually be in the movie, but the current reports just say that he’s heavily involved in production.

Michael Gracey (the bloke who directed The Greatest Showman) has reportedly signed on to direct the flick in his hometown of Melbourne.

The biopic will tell the story of “Williams’ ascent, exploring the experiences that made him who he is, and the demons he battled both on and off the stage,” according to the Daily Mail.

Principal cinematography is marked to begin in the first three months of 2022.

Those are the only deets we know so far about the flick, other than the fact that apparently the flick is part of an $80million deal to “continue injecting money into the film industry” here in Australia.

Robbie Williams is set to join the many other international stars who have taken up residence in Australia by temporarily relocating to Melbourne. Apparently his security guards have been inspecting several mansions in the city that seem suitable enough for the British singer.

Speaking to Deadline earlier this year, Michael said the film will not be like Rocketman or Bohemian Rhapsody, but will feature a fresh take on the biopic.

He described Robbie as an “everyman” who has an “incredibly relatable story” about stardom.