Robbie Williams Gave Sam Frost A Patronising Lecture On Fame This AM

Last month, former Bachelorette and one half of 2DAY FM‘s breakfast duo Sam Frost slammed women’s mag New Idea for falsely claiming she and BF Sasha Mielczarek had broken up.

“New Idea get a life! For the one millionth time, Sash & I have not split. In fact we are stronger than ever. Spoilers; Social media isn’t the real world. The media isn’t the real world,” she posted on Facebook, before promptly deleting her page.

Shortly after, she detoxed from social media altogether (although she’s now back on Instagram), seemingly a sensible move for someone who’s been outspoken about bullies and online trolls, and who’s been open about her struggles in dealing with them.

This morning, however, Sam got a dressing down from mega star and unsettling human Robbie Williams for her handling of that mini-crisis.

“Sam, last time we spoke, I told you to ’embrace the madness’,”
he lectured at her, seemingly incredulous that anyone could fail to follow the advice of him, Robbie Williams.

“And I was looking online — the next day, you didn’t embrace the madness … you ‘digitally detoxed’ and there was some rumours about you and your relationship, and it made you mad, didn’t it?”

“Look it did, and I lost my marbles,” replied Sam.

“Well this is great, this is one tact of how to do it,” he said, in the sort of tone that definitely implies it was the wrong way. “You can bite your tongue so much that your tongue falls off. But then, you know – the energy of feeling that way, the anger of feeling that way doesn’t feel great.”

Co-host Rove McManus jumped in here, asking if Robbie had any advice for Sam.

The answer: not exactly. Instead, the former Take That singer responded with condescension.
“It’s really difficult,” he said. “And you’re young, too, and you’re brand new to this.” Maybe by Williams’ standards, sure, but Frost has been in the Australian public eye since 2013, so rack off, mate.

“It’s like a sledgehammer being hit over the top of your head,” he continued. “But like, a sledgehammer to your emotions, your psyche, everything. It can make you unwell. It’s made me unwell. I’m constantly trying to figure out how to avoid, make friends with it, fight against it, what do you do, i want to win, I’m competitive, you can’t get one over on me, you shouldn’t be able to do this, you shouldn’t be able to bully me… [here he made some gross “UGH UGH UGH” noises] … It doesn’t work. And so you sort of – I dunno. I’m still coming to terms with what to do in this arena – but I’m better at it than I used to be.”
“Well, you’ve been at it for a long time,” replies Sam, and maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part but I like to think that was a dig back at him.

“Well, I’ve been doing this for 25 years, you’re new to this,” he said, before changing tactics and BASICALLY ASKING ROVE WHY SAM WAS HIRED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

“Rove, you’ve been doing this for a long time,” he said. “What were your thoughts when they went, ‘Right there’s this girl, she’s never done this before and you’re gonna be –’”
“It was my choice!” Rove replied, explaining how he and wife Tasma Walton were big fans of Sam throughout ‘The Bachelorette‘, and he jumped at the chance to steal her away from Channel 10.
The convo eventually moved on to Robbie asking Sam if she liked her gig (what is this, dinner with your parents’ mates?) and curiously never did come back to how he handles the negative side of fame.