Rob Mills Opens Up On Banging Paris Hilton, Rates Her Vagina A “Top Five”


Bless the sweet heart of Rob “Millsy” Mills, former Australian Idol contestant and current musical theatre mainstay.
Though it’s been more than a decade since Millsy and his laddish charms first entered the public consciousness, and his career since has been as successful as it is varied, there’s that one dominating headline that tends to precede him at all times.
That’s that bloked who shagged Paris Hilton.

The infamous tryst in 2003 between Mills and the hotel-heiress/reality star/very famous person is one of Australian celebrity folklore, and tends to emerge every time Mills’ head pops up in the media.
Though traditionally he’s remained reasonably tight-lipped on the matter, it took good mate/Idol season two compatriot Em Rusciano to bring out the full story.
Appearing on Rusciano’s new podcast Deeply Shallow, Mills told the story in full, in his own words – including how he first met Hilton at an Opera House after-party for the Idol finale, and later hooked up with her for the first time at an after-after party hosted by Osher Gunsberg (then Andrew G).

The pair wound up staying in Hilton’s hotel room where they “did pretty much everything but (sleep together).” The infamous balcony photo occurred the next morning, after Mills went out to admire the view.
“I’d never seen the Harbour Bridge from Circular Quay.”

After meeting up at the Melbourne Cup, Millsy stated that the two hung out for more or less the entire two week duration that Hilton was in the country, and included a particularly awkward – if not somewhat historic – moment.

“She tells me to come to the hotel – I’d just flown back in to Melbourne – and she’s like ‘you’d better come over.’ I was like ‘What is it?’ and she’s like ‘Ahh, I’ll tell you when you get here.’ So I get there. She looks pretty upset. She’s huddling over a laptop. I go ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Oh, I’m just downloading my sex tape.’ I was like ‘Sorry, what?’ I’ve never heard that sentence before. ‘Yeah, my lawyer’s sending it to me. So I just need to look at it.’ I was like ‘So… should I… we’re both just watching it together?’ So there’s me with her watching that sex tape.”

Millsy also recounted how the relationship actually continued a year later when Hilton visited Australia again and got in contact.

And as for the burning $64million question – Millsy stated that Paris Hilton’s vagina is a “top five.”
So… there you have it, sports fans. If any of you were wondering how Paris Hilton keeps her business, the answer – apparently – is “all the way right.”
Photos: Regis Martin, Bill Davila/Getty Images.
Source: Deeply Shallow podcast.