The Ending To Riverdale Is So Cringe That It Kinda Resembles The Fanfic I Wrote When I Was 14

riverdale ending

Netflix’s former golden show Riverdale has officially ended, and the plot twist at the end is so bad that it’s fucking good. It 100 per cent resembles an old Harry Potter fanfic I wrote about the Weasley twins and a bunch of other random characters in a umm … collective union.

I think you can guess where this is going.

After seven ~ quirky ~ seasons, Riverdale is over. We’ve seen murder, musicals, and even a rip-off of Marvel’s Wandavision. All that confusion, and mixing of mediums and themes has built up to the show-stopping finale which ended with a juicy revelation: a quad relationship.

Yep! They were poly the whole fucking time!

Basically, in the end, it’s revealed that the main four: Betty (Lili Reinheart), Jughead (Cole Sprouse), Archie (KJ Apa), and Veronica (Camila Mendes) were in a quad relationship for a whole year.

Look, as someone who has never seen this fkn show, I think this is great. But the ending has been pretty divisive for fans of the series. Plus, the reveal caused some people online to question why all members of the quad were shown hooking up, except for the two male members, Archie and Jughead.

Speaking to Variety, executive producer Sarah Schechter explained why they decided to take the chance on the unexpected ending, and why there was no steamy man-on-man scene in the show.

“I mean, that’s, like, too hot for TV. I don’t think there was a reason for it. I think there’s a fantastic, fantastic amount of LGBTQ representation on the show,” she said.

Schechter went on to confirm that the ending certainly wasn’t the plan from the very beginning but it fit the bill with the concept they’ve had for the show all along.

“We had so many conversations about not wanting this to be retro in the wrong ways, and not wanting to be reductive in the wrong way.

“There’s this core of Archie Comics about family, town, growing up and everything universal, but there was always Archie picking between two girls. I think we made a really conscious effort to step away from that in the pilot, and have maintained that throughout. So I think it was modern and fitting.

“A person’s life isn’t who they end up with: It’s deeper and more meaningful than that. I thought it was kind of an amazing choice, and they kind of all end up in the afterlife together. That allows people to root forever.”

Rooting forever. Isn’t that beautiful?

The thing is, throughout the time-bending show, the audience really gets to find out where the characters end up – even in old age. So we know that the quad relo doesn’t make it long-term.

But as people say in cursive font on Pinterest, don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

(Image Source: Netflix / Riverdale)