Rihanna Trolled Melania & Donald Trump’s Very Tiny Hand Holding Denial Into Dust & It’s Iconic

Contributor: Saskia Morrison-Thiagu

Yesterday’s viral video of Melania Trump refusing to hold Donald Trump’s hand had the internet collectively recoiling in horror and now Rihanna has chimed in trolling the “couple” on Instagram (I say that with quotation marks because to even call them a couple is a stretch).

Rihanna posted the video of the cringey moment with her diss track Needed Me playing underneath and it’s nothing short of iconic. The lyrics “I was good on my own, that’s the way it was/That’s the way it was”  is the perfect way to describe Melania Trump’s descent from Internationally Renowned Model to the wife an Internationally Renowned Moron.

Rihanna’s savage troll has already gone bonkers on Instagram, attracting over three million views in under an hour. The viral video shows Melania Trump, Donald Trump and their mammoth of a son Barron Trump (but seriously though, he’s huge now) stepping out of Air Force One. As they walk down the steps, Trump reaches out to hold Melania’s hand and she’s like ‘yeah, nah’ and just straight up moves her hand away – not once, but twice.

The comments are even better with people saying “The lord sent her a gust of wind as an excuse” and “OMG his wife doesn’t even fuck with him”.

There is literally a massive gust of wind blowing Melania’s hair out of place and she’s gripping onto her handbag for dear life, but it seems like she’d rather fall off those stairs then let her husband hold her hand for support. I think that says it all really.

Melania if you need help, please wear red the next time you’re out in front of the press. We can help get you out of this.