Singer, actress, cosmetics mogul and generally fabulous entity who doesn’t have the time to answer any dumb questions about her dating life: Rihanna really does do it all.

A compilation video currently doing the rounds on Twitter shows Rih responding to various inquiries about marriage, boyfriends and babies, and honestly, it’s amazing stuff.

When one reporter asks about her rumoured fling with Ashton Kutcher, she merely responds “how disappointing was that question?”, and honestly this is a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

You can go ahead and check out the video below, and bask in Rihanna’s powerful energy:

Meanwhile, the world’s thirst for new Rihanna music is so strong that this week, a fake album made up of demos and offcuts debuted at 67 on the worldwide iTunes chart.

The album, called Angel, was uploaded last weekend under the name Fenty Fantasia, and was billed as a leak of new Rihanna material, her first recordings since 2016’s Anti.

The material had reportedly been floating around the internet for years, but fans still ate it up, although Rih herself was not impressed, responding to news of the fake album with “shit’s crazy.”

The ninth Rihanna album is rumoured to be arriving at some point this year, but all we really have to go on in terms of new music is a brief teaser video of her working in the studio. I guess we’ll find out when she’s good and ready.

Image: Getty Images / Archie Andrews