Rihanna Rips Helena Bonham Carter’s Style To Shreds During Delightfully Sassy Interview

Of all the sass queens in Hollywood, few can out-sass Rihanna with her side-eye slinging, diss serving, IDGAF attitude and the latest victim of a RiRi zinger was one of her own co-stars.

The ‘Wild Thoughts’ singer recently appeared on The Graham Norton show with her Ocean’s 8 comrades including Sandra Bullock, 53, Helena Bonham Carter, 52, Cate Blanchett, 49, and Sarah Paulson.

As people who’ve seen the film will know (and if you haven’t, what the devil are you waiting for?), the gang of thieves devise a heist to knock off jewels from the annual Met Gala.

Norton asks the ladies who among them has attended the fash event in real life and Bonham Carter revealed that she has never been.

Rihanna then went in for the following savage zinger:

“That’s because you wear dresses like that.”

The Harry Potter actress totally copped the criticism on the chin and responded with:

“That’s right, that’s entirely right. I’m gonna cry now.” 



One might argue that Rihanna’s shade-throwing was in response to a few jabs that were issued to her earlier in the segment.

Norton brought up that yellow Guo Pei dress RiRi wore to the 2015 Met Gala, which became a viral meme for its resemblance to an omelet.

Rihanna recalled the difficulty she had transporting her lush, flowing and potentially delicious getup to the venue.

“I put it in the car first and then I had to put it on in the car … the train actually had to come out first so I that I wasn’t like, dragging it out. It was all choreographed.”

“You must’ve had some handmaidens,” Carter commented, to which Blanchett added, “Under the omelet?” RiRi responded, “I can’t lift that thing by myself. Six people helped me up the stairs.”

So like, I guess Bellatrix somewhat had it coming but still, doesn’t Rihanna know to never mess with a dark witch?