Cheers to freakin’ weekend ‘cos Rihanna has officially welcomed her first baby with boyfriend A$AP Rocky and I’ll drink to that! (What? I’m not pregnant!)

The beauty mogul has reportedly had a bb boy, according to TMZ.

He was born a few days back on May 13, and his name has yet to be disclosed but I’m sure it’s something divine.

Put your Insta alerts on, because something tells me an IG announcement is incoming!

The singer first revealed that she’s pregz back in February by showcasing her baby bump for the first time while walking the streets of New York City with her rapper boo.

Have a peek at the piccies here.

Despite the fact that they’ve appeared all loved up, the musos had previously maintained that they are just friends, until Rocky called Rihanna “the love of [his] life” in May of last year.

He also referred to RiRi as “The One” while speaking to GQ: “She amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones. I think when you know, you know.”

An insider told Us Weekly one month prior that the pair were “each other’s best friend.”

The insider explained in April 2021: “They kid around a lot [and] laugh a lot. They have private date nights together a lot and have a blast hanging out together. They’re not necessarily hiding the fact that they’re dating — they more so just don’t want people in their business. They’re two chill people that don’t want that kind of attention, so they show up randomly to a spot and nobody really knows until afterward.”

Rihanna has made it clear for sometime that she’d love to be a mama bear one day. During a June 2019 interview, she told her Ocean’s Eight co-star Sarah Paulson that she wants a child “more than anything in life.”

In March of the following year, she told Vogue: “In 10 years … I’ll be 42. I’ll be ancient! I’ll have kids, three or four of them.”

Huge congrats to the happy couple!