I know that gay men are frequently prone to saying “I think about [insert random pop cultural moment] all the time”, but I really, truly do think about Ricki-Lee Coulter singing Shallow in a Melbourne laneway all the time. I don’t know why this particular incident affected me so much, but I just love the idea of the former Young Diva and Australian Idol finalist casually rocking up to a random street corner and belting out Gags‘ big hit from A Star Is Born.

It happend two years ago in Hosier Lane, and I wasn’t there, but luckily the occasion will live forever on Instagram. As Ricki-Lee herself said in the caption of her post: “Had a little sing on my way home from dinner last night in Melbourne! I may or may not have had a few champagnes and I may or may not have woken some people up.” Yup, she did it like that. Legend behaviour. Wake me up, queen.

In case you’ve forgotten or need a refresh, check out this very important moment in Australian music history below:

Why, exactly, am I writing about Ricki-Lee singing her heart out to Shallow in a laneway? Well, it’s the weekend, and there’s really nobody around to stop me, so … Oh, wait, is that my boss calling? Have I finally pushed it too far with all the chaotic posts about pop girls and general gay nonsense?

Damn, I think I have. Well, I guess I’d better leave before they fire me, or this could get awkward. Byeeeeeee!