There’s a holy trifecta of cartoon injuries: slipping on a banana peel, being crushed by a falling piano, and getting socked by a high-velocity champagne cork. 

Ricki-Lee Coulter apparently avoided the fruit bowl and the baby grand for this one.

The ex-Australian Idol contestant, muso and subsequent media ~ personality ~ took to Instagram yesterday to show off her admittedly nasty injury, aptly calling it her “Terminator eye.” 

It’s a shiner, alright.

Whaddya think of my Terminator eye?! It looks kinda fierce now…but the past week has been kinda awful! I accidentally copped a champagne cork straight from the bottle right into the eyeball last week. A few hospital visits and a whole lotta pain killers later and I’m finally on the mend. I wanted to say a massive thank you to the amazing nurses and doctors who helped me over the past week that I feel terrible I couldn’t look in the eyes and thank at the time – you are truly amazing! ?????? I don’t know all the technical jargon but basically the trauma from the cork popping right on my eyeball caused a hyphema which is a bleed in the eye and there was also some bruising. But it’s all under control now thanks to the amazing doctors and nurses who were monitoring it closely & managing the pain. I spent a whole day outside today (with sunnies on) which is a nice change after basically sleeping 18 hours a day in a black room for the last few days. Feeling very lucky right because it could have been so much worse! I should be back to 100% in a week or so 🙂 Until then…Netflix & Chill… Hahaha xxx

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While the injury’s appearance and provenance is giving off some slightly-Bowie vibes, the reality is slightly less wonderful. Coulter’s sustained hyphema – an eye-bleed, basically – is an injury known for being exceptionally bloody painful.

That pain probably goes a long way to explaining her stint in bed. TBH, we wouldn’t be doing much apart from ruing the day some bastard French monks discovered carbonation, either. 

Seriously tho: get well soon. That’s gotta suck.

Source & Photo: Ricki-Lee / Instagram.