The Newest ‘Rick & Morty’ Ep Took A Savage Jab At The Shitty ‘GoT’ Writing

This probably isn’t gonna be the next great TV rivalry, but it’s a hellacious poke in the ribs nonetheless.

One of the main point-of-contentions for hardcore Game of Thrones fans this season has been that, for whatever reason, things on the wildly popular HBO series have felt a little bit… off. There’s been issues of pacing and noticeable holes in timelines that have left people feeling a little miffed and short-changed.

Meanwhile over on Adult Swim, Rick & Morty has been firing on all cylinders, with the show’s third season already producing a handful of episodes that’ll stand proudly in a lot of people’s top five lists.

But the fact that the two shows air on the same night is absolutely not lost on the animated geniuses, and eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that this week’s episode took an almighty swing at its HBO brethren.

At the conclusion of this week’s episode – ‘Rest & Ricklaxation,’ due to arrive on Netflix Australia on September 2nd – the show followed its usual post-credits sequence with an Adult Swim-style ‘in memoriam’ bumper that hung several shades of shit on ye olde GoT. Observe.

For what it’s worth, both Justin Roiland and the show’s official Twitter account have denied having anything to do with the savage bumper, while Dan Harmon – who is taking a break from social media at present – is yet to publicly comment.

Representatives from Adult Swim have since confirmed that it was a member of their team who created the bumper and tacked it on to the episode; the decision, apparently, did not come from the Rick & Morty offices.

Regardless, that’s a helluva solid burn. We’ll just have to wait and see if the rest of the Rick & Morty season can cash the cheque its ass unwillingly just wrote. Though when you’re pumping out episodes like Pickle Rick on the reg, that won’t be too hard to do.