Richard Branson Feeds Sam Armytage A Prawn, Cuts Kochie’s Tie On ‘Sunrise’

Sir Richard Branson, the eccentric billionaire’s eccentric billionaire, appeared on Sunrise this morning and gave a typically manic performance, putting the wind right up Sam and Kochie and generally confirming that the more dosh you have, the more willing people are to put up with your batshit behaviour.

The 65-year-old Virgin founder, who is in Australia to give a series of lectures, was on the show to talk about the importance of having fun. He didn’t mean “fun” in the motivational picture of a kitty cat in the office kitchen sort of way, but in the dancing on a table and then snipping the tie right off a terrified Kochie sort of way.
Branson told the host he’d look a lot better without said tie, and then lunged at him, lopping it off. While the tie-snipping went off with the smoothness of something pre-planned, Branson followed it up by drenching Koch with a glass of water, which seemed to catch him by genuine surprise, and left Armytage in fits of nervous laughter.
Elsewhere , in a cooking segment, Branson awkwardly hand-fed Sam a prawn, as she tried to look into it and not horrified? CAN YOU FEEL THE SIMMERING EROTIC UNDERCURRENTS? No, neither can we tbh.
ICYMI, ‘Sunrise’ will be embarking on a ratings-boosting five-countries-in-five-days international jaunt next week. 

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