We Copped The First Episode Of RHOBH & You’re Legit Not Ready For What’s About To Go Down

After what feels like a lifetime of waiting, the brand spanking new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kicks off tonight. For all my fellow RHOBH stans, let me tell ya, it’s a banger of an ep! The gals are back, babeyyy.

I was lucky enough to catch the first episode last night at a special Season 12 premiere event held by Hayu.

First of all, watching an episode of RHOBH on the big screen was an absolute treat and a half and very fitting because the first episode is absolute CINEMA.

I don’t wanna drop any spoilers, but let’s just say that the new season starts off with a bang, centring on several storylines that were ripped straight from the headlines.

The focal one being the home invasion of PK and Dorit Kemsley‘s home.

In October of last year, three male intruders broke into the couple’s Encino Hills home at 10:50pm. One of the thieves held a gun to Dorit’s head while another thief instructed him to “kill her.”

In the episode, Dorit tearfully recounted the robbery.

“When he had the gun to my head I thought, ‘This is it. This is how I’m gunna die,’” she said during her confessional.

The thieves ultimately made off with handbags, jewellery and watches worth a large sum of money.

But as Dorit pointed out in the episode, her possessions are unimportant compared to the safety of both herself and her children, all of whom were unharmed.

In the episode, we see the women rally around Dorit on the day after her robbery. Well, all except one whose response was jaw-dropping. You’ll see what I mean…

Speaking of which, the other storyline ripped from the headlines involves Erika Jayne supposedly being vindicated following the allegations made against both her and her ex Tom Girardi.

Anywho, see the whole thing for yourself when the episode hits Hayu tonight.

Catch a snippet below: