Here’s Why Fans Are Calling Last Night’s RHOBH The Most Chilling Episode Of The Entire Series

We’ve seen it all on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, haven’t we? RHOBH has documented sister spats, friendship break-downs, and even discussions about the OJ Simpson murder trial.

But last night’s episode of the iconic reality show is being described by viewers as one of, if not the most chilling episode of the show’s entire 11 season run.

The episode, aptly titled ‘The Dinner Party from Hell part 2’ (part 1 being that iconic season 1 episode where a medium tells Kyle Richards that her husband “will never emotionally fulfil you”), charts the latest in the Erika Jayne debacle.

ICYMI: Erika is currently embroiled in a public legal scandal after her estranged husband, Tom Girardi, was accused of allegedly embezzling money that was intended for the families of plane crash victims and funnelling it into Erika’s entertainment business.

Since then, the big question on everyone’s mind has been: ‘Did Erika know where the money was coming from?’ And by everyone, I mean not just us curious fans, but Erika’s friends / cast mates as well.

Much to my surprise, the case has been heavily documented on the show and in the last few episodes, the other ladies have been talking amongst themselves, and to Erika’s face, about the whole thing.

In last night’s ep, the gals head over to Kathy Hilton’s house for a lush dinner, where new Housewife Sutton Stracke begins grilling Erika about the case.

A few of the other ladies put their two cents in, leading Erika to burst into tears, and asking her friends why they are “torturing” her.

As actress Garcelle Beauvais goes to wipe the tears from Erika’s eyes, she pulls away from Garcelle and tells her to let go. It is chilling. CHILLING.

The episode ends with Erika barking at Sutton and telling her: “I’m coming for you.”

Again, chilling seems to be the word that fans everywhere are using to describe the ep. Have a peek at some Twitter reactions below:

RHOBH is currently streaming on Hayu, with new episodes dropping weekly.

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