Rest In Piss, Two And A Half Men

Excellent news: an official end date has been set for the televisual skid mark we know as Two And A Half Men
After twelve seasons of being a lighthouse for the precise location of the bottom of the barrel, the show will wrap up early 2015, bringing to a close the acting career of Jon Cryer and placing Ashton Kutcher once more in the unemployment line. Let’s hope he squirrelled away some of his $US700,000 per show away for a rainy day!

The inexplicably popular show premiered in 2003 and weathered numerous Charlie Sheen drug crazes until he was fired in 2011, having been accused of domestic violence but more importantly having called series creator Chuck Lorre a “stupid, stupid little man”. It also lived through boy actor Angus T. Jones finding God, calling himself a “paid hypocrite”, the show “filth” and quitting in a fit of good taste.

The show’s sunk in the ratings lately as Chuck Lorre’s latest outlet for shitty jokes, The Big Bang Theory, has climbed. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait twelve years for it to get cancelled too!